[Taking Suggestions!][0.12.X] Survivors Mod V1.2.4.7 [5,000+ DOWNLOADS!] Adds More Armor, and more!!!! Reviewed On YouTube!

Whats good about this Survivors mod?

well it doesn’t edit the items-oquare.png or terrain-atlas.png so it should work for all mcpe version 0.11.1 and up, and it has been tested, and it should work on 0.12.X! And it adds more armor Too and quartz swords, emerald swords and choal swords, but not charcoal, there’s also enderite swords, Enderite is a new ore added in this mod, and theres also quartz swords, theres LOTS of cool things in this mod.

To YouTubers

When You Make A Video, PLEASE Tell me, it’s a hassle looking on YouTube Everywhere for riveiws
How does it work?

It runs on a coding structure called Mod-PE, and it is fun while modding, but also frustrating, i kept running into bugs left and right, but i finally got it working
Where can i download this?

In the Download below

Latest version: V1.2.4.7

Suggestions (Link)

Beta Group (Link)

Known Bugs:

  • emerald pants are huge Fixed thanks to ShabanModz
  • When you kill somthing/somone with the modded weapons you won’t recive any items Should Be Fixed
  • if you go to a superflat world, there will be floating enderite Fixed!
  • emerald helmet in creative inv (WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO FIX!)


  • In 1.2.5
  • Enderite Armor Added!
  • A New dimension called “The Adger Dimension” My Sister Gave Me The Idea for this, make shure to follow her on deveant art! TheTacoGirl


  • Warning!
  • If You Use This Mod On A World You Can’t Use that world on vinilla anymore

You have to install the textures in the zip file before you install the mod

Incompatible Mods

  • Desno365’s Portal Mod
  • All Damage Indicator Mods
  • Desno365’s Guns Mod
  • Almost Any Mod That Adds Custom Blocks


  • HungryBoy02 (me)
  • ShabanModz
  • crazycard856


You can click this button as many times as you want, supporting will not cost money


Changelog (Really Long)
+ added little thing on the title at startup
+ ShabanModz Added Redstone Armor And A Redstone Sword
+ crazycard856 Made It So That The Shoot Button Only Appears When You Are Holding a Gun
– removed a few bugs with textures
– removed some in game bugs
+ Tazer now gives slowness 10 for 10 seconds
+ The swords now work again!
– Fixes with enderite armor
+ New Enderite Armor Item Textures By Shaban, Thanks! More Fixes
– Fixed Shabans Name on startup
– a couple other fixes
– Finnally Fixed the floating enderite on superflat worlds
– old enderite armor texture
+ New enderite armor texture by ShabanModz
– Fixed the bug with leggings
1.2.4 Changelog Pacth 1 fixed armor bug with enderite patch 2 added ak sounds and patched some things
+ Enderite Armor
+ Astronaut Suit (No Recipe)
* Loads Of Bugfixes
+ Credit for a new devoloper
+ Tazer sound by the new dev
+ Readme file showing how to install
1.2.3 Changelog
– minor bug fixes
* renamed the Ender Reactor Core to “Enderite Block”
* Changed the enderite block to the correct texture
– Now if you don’t import the textures first it won’t crash
+ Message for if you don’t import the textures first
+ Should be working on multiplayer
1.2.2 Changelog

– fixed emerald armor texture

– fixed about 37 bugs
+ Better enderite ore generation, Enderite ore generates every 40 seconds
+ Added Enderite Ore, enderite automatically spawns when you open your world,
*Changed the ak to a Rifle, and added a shoot button
+ Enderite Sword
+ Bomb, it has an easter egg too

[Taking Suggestions!][0.12.X] Survivors Mod V1.2.4.7 [5,000+ DOWNLOADS!] Adds More Armor, and more!!!! Reviewed On YouTube!

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